American Legion

UpdatedThursday January 2, 2020 byDave Shuster.

The most competitive baseball in the region for 13-19 year olds

Our American Legion Baseball program supports four (4) teams.  They include the Jr. “Prep” Team (13's/14's), the “Sandlot” Team (14’s/15's), the Jr. Legion Team (15's/16's), and the Sr Legion Team (16-19).

Seasons (league games) for this program do not begin until school completes its year, however, winter workouts are held in March.  Tryouts are held in early April.  Those who participate in Legion Baseball are expected to commit their time through early August. Most teams are coached by professional coaches.  

The “Prep” team transitions our 13s to the 90’ diamond for the first time and prepares them for our most competitive travel team (Jr. Legion).  Our “Sandlot” team is designed to have (14's/15's) remain in our program and play highly competitive baseball with other Legion programs while improving their individual skills. The Jr. Legion team is our most talented and competitive program offered.  It is designed for players 15/16 who have exemplified their talent and commitment to the game and play in the most competitive league in the state for this age group.  Our Sr. Legion program (16-19) is designed for those players who want to continue to play highly competitive baseball after school ball and throughout the summer.

For a more detailed profile of Legion Baseball please visit our travel website or contact Legion Coordinator Gene Tagliaterra at   or 610-909-4178.