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Baseball & Softball Program Information Sheet

By Dave Shuster, 01/04/23, 2:45PM EST


Through its baseball, t-ball and softball programs, the objective of NSB shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. 

We look forward to your participation.

T-ball (Co-ed)  Ages 4-6

T-ball is the foundation for baseball and softball, with an emphasis on fun and skill development.  Weekly clinics will introduce your player to the sport via small group drills and modified games with a soft baseball.  This is intended to be a full participation learning experience, focusing on basics of catching, throwing, batting, and fielding.  Additional focus will be on learning sportsmanship and love for the game.  All game equipment, team shirt, and cap are provided. Players supply their own glove.  Cleats (rubber only!) are highly optional.  All clinics will be at SRS.  Registration Fee:  $105

6U “Mini” – Baseball and Softball    Ages 5-7    New This Season

This is a new program this year, recommended as a bridge between T-ball and 8U softball / Rookies baseball.  This allows players more time to develop the skills and knowledge required to safely play in a competitive environment. Targeted mainly at Kindergartners and 1st graders who are new to the sport and/or have played a year of T-ball but are not quite ready for 8U/Rookies.


Schedule will be one weekly combined clinic + game.  Entire lineup will bat each inning, batters get 3 pitches from a coach/machine then can hit from the tee, players will rotate through every position. Softball Mini will play at Smedley Park and Baseball Mini will play at Hepford/SRS.  Registration Fee:  $115

Softball   Ages 6-16

We are committed to developing girls’ softball fundamental and advanced skills while providing an environment that emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and fun.


Season starts early March and runs through June 30th, depending on playoffs. Practices and/or games occur twice a week during the regular season. Teams participate in the Del Val Softball League, which includes local travel to nearby Delaware County softball fields for away games. Girls may be asked to participate in a skills evaluation prior to the season to ensure that multiple teams at each age group are even and equitable. New for 2023: we will transition practices and home games from St. John’s Chrysostom field to renovated softball fields at Smedley County Park. 


We offer several age groups:

8U “Farm” – Introduction to competitive play. 55-ft base paths, 32-ft pitching rubber, 10 players and 2 coaches in the field, everyone bats, 3 pitches from player then 5 pitches from coach, no walks, dead ball on overthrows, 5-run rule, 6-inning max
10U “Pee Wee” – 55-ft base paths, 35-ft pitching rubber, 9 players in the field, entirely player pitch, 5-run rule, 6-inning max, split into “A” and “B” divisions, stealing allowed in “A” division
12U “Midget” – 60-ft base paths, 40-ft pitching rubber
14U “Intermediate” – 60-ft base paths, 43-ft pitching rubber
We need your help to make the 2023 great! Volunteer coaches make our season possible and program strong.  Prior to the season, we will conduct a coaching clinic in a “Train the Trainer” style to help our coaches keep all teams learning and performing at a similarly high level across each age group. 
Registration Fee for all levels:  $155

Baseball    Ages 6-16

Rookies takes T-Ball and 6U players to the next level. While continuing to learn the fundamentals of the game, players are introduced to “the pitching machine,” then live pitching half way through the year.  Coaches are on the field during games for both support and instruction.   Registration Fee:  $150


Minor League is where young players get their first real taste of baseball. Players get to apply the fundamentals they learned in T-Ball and Rookie Leagues. Coaches stay in the dugouts, batters will hit live pitching from their peers and runners learn how to steal bases. Teams are selected through a draft.  Registration Fee:  $160


Major League is where players perfect all they have learned before moving to the big field as 13 year olds. Players fine tune their skills and children who just want to play baseball and have fun, still have the opportunity to stay involved in the game.  The 50-70 field and the opportunity to play “real baseball” have assisted the older players in transitioning to the larger fields in high school. Teams are selected through a draft.  Registration Fee:  $160


Senior League is when players experience baseball on a full 90 foot field. Pitchers learn to deal with runners while fielders learn to throw across a bigger diamond. Whether playing for school, one of our Jr. American Legion teams, or just coming out to play the game they love, the league provides every opportunity for players of all skill levels to continue to develop and have fun.  Many parents believe their child cannot play on more than one team, but the league schedule only briefly overlaps school team schedule without time conflicts and will allow the player to continue to play after the school team has finished their season. Generally two games per week, no player placement evaluations.  Pitchers limited to 13 - 15 year old players.   Registration fee:  $165

American Legion Baseball   Ages 13-19

This is the most competitive baseball in the region for 13 to 19 year-olds.  NSB supports four teams each year:


Prep is designed to transition 13 year olds to the 90” diamond and prepare them for more competitive play as they complete our program.
Sandlot continues to develop 14 year olds with competitive baseball versus other Sandlot teams within the Legion League.
Jr. Legion will be made up of the most talented, skilled and committed 13-15 year olds. This group plays the most competitive baseball in the state. 
Sr. Legion is designed for the 16-19 year olds who want to continue to play highly competitive baseball after school baseball ends and continuing through the summer months. It is also for those college players who need to maintain their skills over the summer.


Seasons (league games) for this program do not begin until school completes its year, however, professional training, clinics, tournaments and private lessons are held from February through May.  Those who participate in Legion Baseball are expected to commit their time through the end of July.  Most teams are coached by professional coaches.


Tryout Fee is $165.00 (also covers participation in Seniors baseball).  Tryouts will be held in January and February (see website for details) and entitle those who tryout to play in our intramural league (see Babe Ruth-Senior League Baseball on front page of flyer). Those selected to participate on one or more of the Legion teams will pay an additional $400.00 to cover professional coaches, umpires, uniforms, insurance, tournaments, etc.

A Word about Being a Parent Volunteer

Our NSB Baseball Programs are founded on the commitment and dedication of parent, step-parent and other interested adult volunteer hours.  Coaching is just one of the many volunteer activities we need to run our baseball program.


The Snack Bars at the various fields help generate needed income to help pay for umpire fees, field maintenance, and new equipment.  Without dedicated parents running the Snack Bar, our fees would need to be raised. All parents are required to work a game in the snack bar for their child’s team during the season if your child plays at Hepford, Urban, or Smedley Fields.