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Nine on Sportsmanship

By Dave Shuster, 02/28/23, 1:45PM EST


Nether Swarthmore Baseball

Nine on Sportsmanship

1.  Have FUN! This is a GAME.


We play sports to have fun! Win or lose, enjoy the game and the competition.

2.  Play hard and always do your best.


Give your best effort always – for yourself, your teammates, and your opponent. Ask yourself after each game and practice, did I try my hardest?

3.  Play fair and follow the rules.


This is “winning the right way” – always showing honor and integrity, following the rules, no matter what, even if it goes against your team.

4.  Show respect and treat others as you would like to be treated.


This goes for your own teammates, the other team, your coaches, the other coaches, and the umpires.

5.  Respect the umpires.


Accept the umpire’s call GRACEFULLY, even if it goes against you. Remember that umpires may not be right every time, but they’re people who are doing their best, just as you are.

6.  Keep your comments and cheers POSITIVE.


The best players ENCOURAGE their teammates and treat their opponents with respect.

Teasing, intimidating, and bullying are not allowed by Nether Swarthmore Baseball.

7.  Learn from your mistakes, and get back in the game!


Everyone makes mistakes – it’s how you deal with mistakes that separates the great players from the average. When a teammate makes a mistake, keep it POSITIVE, and ENCOURAGE that teammate – pat him on the back!

8.  When you lose, lose with class.


Good sportsmanship means congratulating the winners promptly and willingly. Instead of pouting, blaming others or making excuses, be proud of trying your best, and think about areas where you could improve next time.

9.  When you win, be a gracious and generous winner.


Be quietly proud of your victory, and look for ways to compliment the other team. Think about how they’re feeling. We don’t brag or rub it in – not at the game, not at school, not on the bus, nowhere.